Winter Korean Culture Camp 2023

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Winter Korean Culture Camp 2023

Winter Korean Culture Camp 2023

The Korean Culture Camp Program at AFYN is available to students, kids, and learners who are interested in learning about Korean culture and language. The goal of AFYN is to promote awareness of the Republic of Korea and motivate the next generation to open their eyes to various cultures while also recognising the importance of language acquisition. This curriculum is particularly created for adults aged 15 to 40 and allows them to have a deeper understanding of Korean culture. This will be accomplished through seeing well-known Seoul landmarks as well as participating in typical cultural activities such as experiencing Korean customs (wearing a guidebook), sampling local dishes (Kimchi, Kimbab, Ramyun, etc.), and learning about traditional Korean arts. The Korean Culture Camp Program’s mission is to motivate the next generation to learn about different cultures while also emphasising the value of language acquisition. The scholarship program seeks to make students return from their trip with a deeper understanding of Korea and a solid foundation in the Korean language. The Korean Culture camp program covers benefits such as;

  1. Live for 6 days in Seoul, Korea.
  2. Learn and understand Korean culture directly.
  3.  Heritage walking tour around Seoul.
  4. Experience being like local people by experiencing the local traditions.
  5.  Experimental learning.
  6. Certificate of participation from AYFN
Winter Korean Culture Camp Eligibility criteria 2023
  • All nationalities are welcome to join
  • Commit to joining the full program
  •  Able to adapt to new environments easily
  •  Able to pay the program fee
  •  Health physically and mentally
Winter Korean Culture Camp Application Procedure
  • Complete the online application form via the website
  • Application Must be submitted before January 1, 2023


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