University of British Columbia (UBC) Public Scholars Award

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University of British Columbia (UBC) Public Scholars Award

University of British Columbia (UBC) Public Scholars Award: Advancing Public Engagement and Research Excellence

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Public Scholars Initiative (PSI) was established in 2015 to support UBC doctoral students whose research transcended the boundaries of the academy and traditional disciplinary approaches in order to have a real-world impact for the benefit of society through collaborative, action-oriented, or creative forms of scholarship in their dissertation work.

Graduate students have a unique opportunity through the award to combine their scientific knowledge with public participation. This prestigious prize benefits those who are eager to make a difference outside of the classroom. In this post, the benefits of the UBC Public Scholars Award and instructions for applying for the following academic year will be covered.

University of British Columbia (UBC) Public Scholars Award

This award is a part of the UBC Public Scholars Initiative, which aims to unite, encourage, and empower PhD students interested in directly tying their work to an area of public benefit and incorporating larger, more practical kinds of research into their doctoral programme.

Application Opening And Closing Date 

Applications is currently ongoing and applicants are expected to submit all application requirements by September 2023.

Application Fees

No application fees are required to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship is worth $20,000 per student which is split up into two payments of up to $10,000 each.

Courses Available 

Specific courses under doctoral programs of the University of British Columbia (UBC) Public Scholars Award for the 2024-2025 is yet to be released.

Documents Needed To Apply 

  • Up to date transcripts
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A reference letter or letters
  • Personal Statement
  • English proficiency test results

How To Apply 

1. Obtain the PSI Fellowship Application 2023-2024 and the PSI Fellowship Application Instructions 2023-2024 files by downloading them.

2. After downloading the form, you can rename it to make changes and then save the form. Your software’s name is: LastName_FirstName_PSI

3. Complete the application form by following the instructions.

4. Your Canadian Common CV and the completed PSI Fellowship Application 2023–2024 form should be uploaded together as one PDF document.

5. Your letter writers should visit this page for the required supervisor letter of support and the potential collaborator letter(s). You can share the link with them after opening the website. Once the letter is prepared to be uploaded, the page’s Qualtrics form will take 2 minutes to complete.

Bursary Application 

Applicants for this award are required to:

  • submit a report at the conclusion of their first and maybe second financing year.
  • And show that at a Network event called PhDs Go Public, they presented their work.

At the conclusion of their funding or involvement, each student, member of the faculty, and collaborator will be requested to complete a survey.

Official Website

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible:

1. By August 31, 2023, candidates must have finished their doctoral studies in no more than 48 months.

2. As of September 1, 2023, applicants must be enrolled in a doctorate programme at UBC.

3. Only in extraordinary circumstances may applicants in their sixth year (48 to 60 months of doctorate study) be considered.

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