International Undergraduate Leadership Scholarships

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International Undergraduate Leadership Scholarships

York University, often referred to as YorkU or just YU, a public research institution in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is offering an international undergraduate leadership scholarship. It has nearly 325,000 alumni globally, is the fourth-largest university in Canada, and enrols over 55,700 students.

The York University International Undergraduate Leadership Scholarship Programme seeks high school students who have exhibited leadership through participation in volunteer work, academic achievement, or prowess in sports or the arts.

International Undergraduate Leadership Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria

1. Students who have submitted an application to the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (LA&PS) for an undergraduate programme are eligible to apply for this international student scholarship.

2. You must be an international student and have a visa to study in Canada for the whole four years of your undergraduate programme to meet the eligibility requirements.

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3. You are applying straight out of high school, within two years of graduation, and you have no previous college or university coursework completed.

4. A letter of recommendation from a high school teacher or guidance counsellor is necessary.

5. Must get a grade one average of “B+,” which is the minimum academic standing.

6. Engage in community service, or showcase talent in art, sports, or any other field of personal achievement.

Application Opening And Closing Date 

Applicants must apply for this program beginning of Fall 2023 and latest by February 2024, your application to the university should be submitted.

Courses Available 

The scholarship is for undergraduate programmes at the University of York in the liberal arts and professional studies fields.

Documents Needed

1. An application or registration form.

2. A motivational letter or personal essay.

3. A referral letter.

4. A letter of acceptance from a university.

5. Formal financial statements as evidence of low income.

How To Apply

To apply for the International Undergraduate Leadership Scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic year, applicants must:

1. Submit an application to York University’s undergraduate programme.

2. Complete the online scholarship application on the university website after that.

3. Finally, upload the needed files before submitting your application.

Bursary Application

  • The bursary application requires applicants to provide a formal financial statements as evidence of low income to be considered.
  • Every term, during the first week, you must complete your Student Financial Profile. For the majority of awards, it is a must to even be evaluated.
  • Establish your eligibility for any awards.
  • Enrol in any awards that need it.

Contact Details 

(416) 736-2100

Official Website

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