Stephanie Carroll Memorial Scholarship

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Stephanie Carroll Memorial Scholarship

Stephanie Carroll Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created in memory of Stephanie Carroll, a long-time respected NADONA volunteer, which is offered to nursing students who plan to work in Long Term Care or Geriatrics following completion. The Stephanie Carroll Memorial Scholarship is sponsored by the National Society of Directors of Nursing Administration. This grant is given each year to a student enrolled in an authorized nursing school who plans to work in long-term care or geriatrics following graduation. Nursing students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree may apply. The award amounts are paid directly to the college/university of the recipient to assist with their nursing education. Award recipients were needed to submit an application that included their university information as well as a narrative explaining why they are pursuing their degrees and how obtaining this grant will improve their nursing practice. Nursing students in an undergraduate or graduate program are also eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Stephanie Carroll Memorial Scholarship Application Requirement
  • Applicant Must be an undergraduate student or a graduate student
  • Applicant Must attend a university, a four-year college or a two-year college
  • Applicant Must not be attending high school currently
  • Applicant Must study full-time
  • Application is Restricted to students studying Nursing
  • Applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in an accredited nursing program
  • Proof of acceptance to a nursing program
  • An essay of NO LESS THAN 100 WORDS
  • Applicant must make a commitment to practice in long-term care and/or post-acute care for at least two years after graduation.
  • Application and supportive documents must be submitted before April 1, 2023.
Stephanie Carroll Memorial Scholarship Application Procedure.
  • Complete your application form via the website
  • Submit Proof of acceptance to a nursing program for the 2023-24 academic year and accreditation
  • An organized list of school-related expenses with a final total Must be attached
  • Submit an essay of NO LESS THAN 100 WORDS. This essay must include the following:

Describe why you have chosen nursing as a career.

Discuss why you are seeking this degree and how it will impact your nursing practice in long-term/post-acute care.

Describe your commitment to the nursing profession, including your goals for your nursing career after graduation.

  • Submit a headshot in jpeg format electronically as an attachment.
  • Submit the application and required documents before April 1, 2023.



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