Marsha’s Angels Scholarship Fund

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Marsha’s Angels Scholarship Fund

Marsha’s Angels Scholarship

Marsha’s Angels is a scholarship fund honouring the memory of Marsha Yarnell and her more than 30 years of nursing provides scholarships for students who have completed all essentials to enter their first year of an accredited nursing program. The amount of the scholarship given to recipients depends on the funds available at the time of the scholarship awards, Each student is awarded a scholarship is $2000.00 per year. Any approved nursing program in the United States is open to applicants who are residents of Sedgwick County, Kansas, or one of the nearby counties.
People from other parts of the country can apply for the scholarship to enrol in a recognized nursing school in Sedgwick County, Kansas, one of the neighbouring countries. ST.Luke’s College of Health Sciences in Kansas City, Missouri. The scholarship can be used to attend an accredited program anywhere in the United States.

Marsha’s Angels Scholarship Application Eligibility Requirement
  • Must be an undergraduate student
  • Must attend a university, a four-year college or a two-year college
  • Must not be attending high school currently
  • Must study full-time
  • Restricted to students studying Nursing
  • Applicant must be enrolled on a Nursing field
  • Applicant must be in a state of Financial Need
  • Financial need analysis is not required
  • The award is available to U.S. citizens
Marsha’s Angels Scholarship Application Procedure
  • You can access the application form by using the link; Submit the application either electronically by email (preferred) or by U.S. Mail.
  • All competent students of any age are invited to apply.
  • Submit school transcripts and reports
  • Attach two letters of recommendation and a resume
  • Application and supportive documents must be submitted before June 30 2023


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