How to Submit your Assignments in Canvas RMIT 2023

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How to Submit your Assignments in Canvas RMIT 2023

Canvas is RMIT’s online Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas learning management system is a web-based software that allows institutions, especially Universities to control online learning, instructors to create and present online learning materials and assess student performance as well as allow students to engage in courses and receive feedback about skill development and learning achievement. RMIT University provides its students with a personal Canvas account to enable them to participate in their online learning activities. With your RMIT Canvas account, students can listen to lectures, complete online assessment tasks, view and submit assignments and receive grades and feedback.

How to Submit your Assignments in Canvas RMIT 2023

Turnitin is part of RMIT’s online assignment submission process used within RMIT Canvas. Turnitin promotes academic integrity; demonstration of integrity, honesty, and fairness in your scholarly activities by checking whether your assignments are your own work and that you have acknowledged the work and ideas used from other sources. An original report is generated by scanning the work and comparing the test against sources in its database. The report shows where matches have been found with an overall percentage of how much of the work is original. To reduce plagiarism, your submitted assignment is added to the database.

Submission of Online Assignment Requirements

Before submitting your assignment, check if your file meets the following requirements. Turnitin will accept the following file types:

  • Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx)
  • OpenOffice (.odt)
  • Google Docs via Google Drive
  • WordPerfect (.wpd)
  • PostScript (.ps/.eps)
  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Rich text format (.rtf)
  • Plain text (.txt)
  • Hangul Word Processor file (.hwp)
  • HTML

Also assignment must contain more than 20 words, must be under 40MB, must not exceed 400 pages in length, and must not contain spaces in between every letter. Files can be submitted directly from your computer or through non-RMIT Google or Dropbox accounts. You have to log in to these services to authorize the submission. You can submit assignments with a web browser or with the canvas mobile app which is available in Google Play Store for Android devices and in App Store for IOS users by following the steps listed below.

How to Submit Online Assignments in Canvas

  1. Log in to your RMIT Canvas and select the course you want from your Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Assignments from the course navigation menu on the left of your screen.
  3. Click on the relevant assignment.
  4. Click on “Submit Assignment”.
  5. Click on “Choose file”, then search for the file you wish to upload from the pop-up box that appears. Double-click or click “Open” to select the file. If you have multiple files to upload, then click on ‘+ Add another file”.
  6. If you have any comments relevant to the assignment, then type them in the comments box.
  7. Check that the file and its details and everything you have provided are correct.
  8. Check the submission pledge box to acknowledge that the submission you’ve just uploaded is your own original work.
  9.  Now click on “Submit”.

By default, assignments can be submitted an unlimited number of times in Canvas unless your teacher choose to limit the number of times you can submit an assignment. You can resubmit the ;assignment using the steps stated above. Resubmitting your assignment in Canvas will replace the already submitted one with the new file.

After you submit an assignment, the similarity score can be check from the View/Complete link for the assignment. You can click on the “View” button on the assignment inbox to view submission.

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