How To Book An Assessment At Eastcape Midlands College?

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How To Book An Assessment At Eastcape Midlands College?

How To Book An Assessment At Eastcape Midlands College?

It is great news to announce that both new and returning students may apply online for the academic year 2023–2023 at Eastcape Midlands Tvet College beginning on September 1st, 2022. Applications must be submitted online by November 30th, 2022.

Applications must be submitted by applicants along with their ID cards, which serve as proof of identity, and their most recent results slips. Students are to note that their application will be rejected if the admission requirement is not uploaded. This article will be explaining to prospective students of Eastcape Midlands College how to book an assessment at the college and what it means.

How To Book An Assessment At Eastcape Midlands College?

Eastcape Midlands TVET College is situated in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. The college is focused on educating students in the technical and vocational education training TVET in building their developmental and theoretical skills. The institution which is among the best in the country boasts of eight campuses where students can choose from. They also have a wide range of courses in business, engineering, vocational skills, and other theoretical knowledge.

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What Is An Assessment At Eastcape Midlands College?

The assessment at Eastcape Midlands College is a career and study guidance session that is done to help students know what they want to study and which career path they may want to take. There are various career opportunities at EMC so the need to know the student well in selecting a course that will benefit them is very important.

Choosing Your Career

Students will be made to learn about themselves, their interests, personality, values, capabilities, and strengths. Information about what they will want to be in the future is also noted. The desired job market, career information, education, and training will help them at the college.

Where Can Students Get Assistance 

Students can be assisted when they visit our fully equipped career guidance practitioners who are ever ready to assist you at your nearest campus at the Career Development Center. Students can also book assessment at the nearest Career Development Center in their campus.

A PACE test will be done to test the numeracy and literacy skills of the student. An interest assessment will also be done which will help to reveal the students’ abilities and strengths. A personal interview will also be done to help know more about you.

Courses Offered At Eastcape Midlands College

Eastcape Midlands College has a wide range of courses ranging from theoretical lessons to technical and vocational training. Available courses include business Programmes (LEVELS 2-4), Apprenticeships, Skills Programmes and Engineering courses

How To Apply At Eastcape Midlands College

Students who want to apply for admission must first check the requirements of being a student in the Midlands College before they apply. This will prevent them from wasting their time and money if they do not fit the criteria.

The application will be done online but must be submitted in person at the head office of Eastcape Midlands TVET College. The following steps must be followed.

  1.  Visit the website which is the college’s website
  2. Select the year of study
  3. Select the course you will like to read during your stay in the school
  4. Provide the needed documents before your application must be accepted
  5. The application process has now begun

NSFAS Application At Eastcape Midlands College 

National Students Financial Aid Scheme is a financial aid scheme which is being funded by the south African government to provide financial support to students who are disadvantaged financially. The support is targeted at students whose household income per a year is not more than R350,000

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