UTS Webmail: Best Way To Access UTS Email 2023

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UTS Webmail: Best Way To Access UTS Email 2023

UTS Webmail: Best Way to Access UTS Email 2023

You acquire a UTS Student ID number when you enroll at UTS, which is linked to a UTS Webmail account and other important UTS systems like UTS Canvas. Microsoft Office 365 is used by your UTS email account. From the time you enroll until the day you receive your University of Technology Sydney diploma, this account will be yours. It gives you quick access to a number of UTS systems that will help you with your study.

Logging Into Your UTS Email
  • Access Microsoft’s login page (opens the Microsoft login website).
  • Sign in using student-number@student.uts.edu.au as your username, for instance, 12345678@student.uts.edu.au.
  • Enter the IT password that you use.
  • Select Sign in with a click or a tap.
Activating Your UTS Email
  • Visit the webpage for My UTS Account.
  • Your Student Identification (Student ID) number must be entered.
  • Enter the necessary personal information.
  • Enter your birth-date using the example’s dd/mm/yy format
  • By activating your account, you agree to abide by all UTS policies and rules, including those relevant to the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Please read and understand the appropriate UTS Webmail policies and guidelines before checking the four boxes.
  • Student accounts may be locked, disciplinary action taken, legal action taken, or expulsion may result from violations of the rules and regulations.
  • Create three (3) Security Questions; you must remember the answers to these since they will be required to confirm your identity in the future.
  • Create a password: Your password must contain at least one of each and be between 8 and 16 characters long. It can only contain letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • There are no spaces permitted.
  • Please do not use your UTS ID.
  • Use a different password now.
  • You will see a confirmation that your account has been activated and your UTS email address if you have configured your password properly.
What To Do When You Forget Your Password

Change your password here:

  • Visit the Password Reset page
  • Enter the number on your student identification card (Student ID).
  • Enter the necessary personal information.
  • Use the example’s format to enter your birth-date: dd/mm/yyyy
  • Respond to the security question (these are questions that you originally set up).
  • Change your password.

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