UF Transcripts: How to Check and Order your Official Transcripts

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UF Transcripts: How to Check and Order your Official Transcripts

UF Transcripts: How to Check and Order your Official Transcripts

A UF transcript is an in-depth account of a student’s academic performance at the University of Florida. The name on your transcript will match the name on your university file. All current and previous students’ transcripts are kept on file by the university’s office of the registrar. For the fastest service, all University of Florida students born in 1956 or after should order their official transcript on ONE UF. Orders for official UF transcripts placed on ONE.UF are shipped the next business day. You’ll need a working GatorLink account, password, and credit card in order to place an online order. Please read on for additional information on how to get and verify your official transcripts at UF.

Logging In To View Your Official Transcripts
  • Visit one.uf.edu.
  • Then choose “Transcripts.”
  • Then choose “Current Students.”
  • Use your Gatorlink username and password to log in.
  • “View and/or print my unofficial transcript” should be clicked.
Ordering Your Official transcripts
  • Visit One.UF
  • Simply choose “Transcripts”
  • “Current Students” or “Former Students” should be selected.
  • To order your official transcripts from the registrar, follow the instructions.
Additional Information About The UF Transcripts
  • Check your unofficial transcript before placing your order to ensure that your most recent grades, grade changes, degree comments, etc. are displayed.
  • The unofficial transcript is available for your instant perusal, and you may also screen print a copy. However, it might not be accepted as an official UF transcript by other schools or future employers.
  • Transcripts cannot be ordered by phone, fax, email, or provided to the student as PDF files, nor can they be kept to print at a later time.
  • Only official transcripts will be mailed by UF. The word “Official” denotes that the transcript was produced on secure paper that underwent authenticity checks.
  • The University Registrar’s stamp and signature are placed across the flap of each University of Florida envelope in which the transcript is inserted separately.

No payments are refundable in any way. Options for paying for UF Transcripts:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diner’s Club
  • In-person/mail with check/money order.


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