UCSD Degree Audit Guide 2023

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UCSD Degree Audit Guide 2023

UCSD Degree Audit Guide 2023

You and your academic advisers can evaluate your progress toward finishing your major requirements, college general education requirements, university requirements, and (if appropriate) minor requirements using the UCSD degree audit, an analytical tool. The UC San Diego degree audit links your ongoing and completed course work with the requirements of your degree program, making it a useful tool for academic planning and course selection. For further crucial information on how to obtain the UCSD degree audit, 2023, see the section below.

Running A Degree Audit At UC San Diego
  • Enter your TritonLink username and password to log in HERE.
  • Your presently active degree program is listed on the “Request an Audit” page that displays (s).
  • To run declared programs, click.
  • You may now access your updated degree audit. On the View Audit link, click.
  • Degree audits are a moment in time picture of your academic achievement.
  • After seven days, the system deletes the audit. To display your most recent academic information, run a fresh audit.
  • Save a PDF file to your computer if you want to save an audit.
Reading Your Degree Audit

You can read your degree audit using the following components:

  • Major(s)
  • Minor(s)
  • College general education (GE) requirements
  • University requirements.
Some UCSD Degree Audit Terms
  • Not Passing (NP): A grade of P or NP just signifies whether you passed the course; it says nothing about how well you performed. A P (passing) mark counts toward your earned credit hours or the necessary number of units for your certificate, but these grades are not taken into account for determining your GPA.
  • Not for Credit (NFC): Although you were enrolled in the course, your performance is not indicated by a grade of “NFC.” This grade is recorded on your transcript but is not taken into account for calculating your GPA, earned credits, or the necessary number of units for your certificate.

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