MyPack Portal: Helpful Guide to Access NCSU Portal 2023

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MyPack Portal: Helpful Guide to Access NCSU Portal 2023

The MyPack Portal generally describes the Student Information System (SIS) for NC State University. The MyPack Portal provides NC State University Students, Parent Faculty and Staff with access to the University’s Human Resources System (HR), Financial Data System and Student Information System. The NC State University’s MyPack Portal has several features that allow users to navigate more easily throughout the portal and customize their navigation to fit their requirements and everyday tasks.

The MyPack Portal Serves as the electronic system that the University uses to make student information accessible for students, faculty, staff and parent or guests. NC State University has created the MyPack Portal User Guide website to assist the NC State Community in navigating the MyPack Portal and learning to operate it to its full potential, especially concerning the Student Information System. MyPack Portal User Guide helps students keep track of

  • Grades
  • Classes (drop, add, swap)
  • Student Employment
  • Tuition payments
  • Advisement

To faculty and Staff, it serves as the gateway to online systems and services such as

  • Employee information and self-service,
  • Faculty access to the Student Information System
  • Administrative staff access to Financial and HR systems.

MyPack Portal: Helpful Guide to Access NCSU Portal 2023

MyPack Portal is available and accessible to NC State students, faculty, staff and other members with Unity credentials. MyPack Portal is accessible on desktop computers and mobile devices with compatible web browsers. For desktop computers with Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10, Google Chrome, Firefox ( Windows only) and Safari (Mac OS only) are the recommended web browsers. And for mobile devices with Andriod 7.1+ or Apple iOS 9+, Chrome and Safari are recommended respectively.

To access the MyPack Portal you will have to log in.

How to Log into MyPack Portal for Access

  1. Navigate to the MyPack Portal Login page at on your web browser.
  2. If you’re logging in as a student, faculty or staff, then click on Unity ID Login. Likewise, if you are logging in as a parent or guest click on “Brickyard Login”.
  3. Enter your Unity ID. Parents, Guests and Affiliates will be required to enter their email addresses or user-id.
  4. Enter your Unity Password. Parents, Guests and Affiliates will be required to enter their password
  5. Click on “LOG IN” to access.

Only parents that have been granted access to their student’s information can log in.

How to grant Parent Access to your MyPack Portal

  1. Log into MyPack Portal using the info provided above.
  2. Choose your Student Homepage
  3. Choose the “Personal Information” tile.
  4. From the left-hand navigation menu, choose “Parent & Guardian Access”.
  5. Choose “Add Relationship” to add a new relationship or “Edit Relationship” to edit an existing relationship.
  6. Enter all information required for the new relationship or update as needed for an existing relationship.
  7. Click ‘Save’ when done. You will be redirected to the main Parent & Guardian Access page, which corresponds with the newly added or updated relationship
  8. Use the toggle buttons to grant or revoke access for the selected person
  9. Be sure to select ‘Save Changes’ when done.

Parents/guardians that have been granted access to their student’s information can use the guide below to assist navigate through MyPack Portal.

  1. Log into MyPack Portal using the “Brickyard Login” (Parents who are also students or employees of the University will log into MyPack utilising the “NCSU Faculty/Staff/Students” option)
  2. Choose the “Student Homepage”
  3. Choose the “Parent/Guardian Information” tile
  4. Choose a student by clicking a checkbox, then return to the Student Homepage to view that student’s data

If you forget your Unity log-in information, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 919-515-HELP or

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