IvyPanda Annual Essay Writing Contest 2024-2025

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IvyPanda Annual Essay Writing Contest 2024-2025

Participate and Win Big in the IvyPanda Annual Essay Writing Contest 2024-2025

Are you a budding author who is passionate about using essays to communicate your ideas and thoughts? You can now compete for interesting rewards and use the IvyPanda Annual Essay Writing Contest 2024–2025 as a platform to show off your skills. To find out more about this distinguished competition and how to enter, continue reading.

IvyPanda Annual Essay Writing Contest 2024-2025

For aspiring and seasoned authors alike, the IvyPanda Annual Essay Writing Contest is an occasion they look forward to. It gains more popularity every year and draws participants from all around the world as a result.

This contest, which is open to all authors—students, independent contractors, and academics—provides a great chance to gauge your writing abilities and get acknowledgment for your efforts. Scholarships worth $1500 are awarded each year through the competition to deserving students who can write essays with ease. There will be two winners, each receiving a scholarship worth $1,000 and $500, respectively.

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Application Opening And Closing Date 

Applications for this contest is opened in March and closes in June.

Application Fees 

No payment of application fees

Documents Needed To Apply 

To apply for this contest, applicants must have social media handles to be able to follow IvyPanda pages.

How To Apply 

To apply, applicants are to:

1. Write an essay on one of the following subjects:

  • Effects of isolation on physical and mental health
  • How to Prevent the Next Global Pandemic; E-Learning
  • The Future of Education SystemWith the exception of the title, header, and works cited page, your essay must:

• Be entirely original and written in American or British English

• Be delivered in.doc or.docx format.

• Format the paper in MLA style and reference your sources (download our MLA checklist to double-check your formatting)

• Include citations for three or more sources on the Works Cited page.

• [IvyPanda Writing Contest Last Name] should be used as the filename. The essay must be in this order:

  • The screenshot demonstrating that you followed our social media accounts;
  • The screenshot of the contest description post that you posted on social media
  • Your response to the inquiry, “Where did you hear about the IvyPanda Contest? “

Please send us an email at scholarship@ivypanda.com with the subject “IvyPanda Writing Contest Submission”.

Bursary Application Process 

This contest does not require a bursary application.


Students currently enrolled in high school, college, or university from any nation are eligible to submit. The awardees will need to email us documentation of their enrollment or academic standing.

Contact Details

+1 (866) 236-7979

+1 (800) 303-8389

Official Website/Email


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