How to Use the UC Davis Schedule Builder 2023

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How to Use the UC Davis Schedule Builder 2023

Schedule Builder is the online class planning and registration tool for the University of California (UC Davis). The Schedule Builder is the campus registration application. The University of California’s is available and accessible through the MyUCDavis. Schedule Builder checks to see if students of the University of California have completed the required prerequisites for all undergraduate courses. The UC Davis Schedule Builder students can :

  • Search for classes, and view class details and critical class messages.
  • Check for registration holds and errors.
  • Create and save multiple schedules with varying classes and sections for the same quarter.
  • View your schedule in both list and calendar formats.
  • View class details and critical class messages.
  • Register for a full schedule (all classes) or one class at a time.
  • Swap (add & drop) classes and sections in one action.

All your class planning through UC Davis Schedule Builder can take place in advance of your registration appointment times. Graduate students may register for classes employing Schedule Builder during any hour registration is allowed for the term. All students are responsible for confirming their enrollments and making any changes by the designated deadlines and dropping any and all unwanted classes.

How to Access UC Davis Schedule Builder

Provided here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the University of California (UC Davis). To use the Schedule Builder, you will have to log in or access it first. All details on how to access or log in to schedule Builder are available here to assist you.

How to Access UC Davis Schedule Builder via MyUCDavis

    1. Navigate to the MyUCDavis Login page at on a supported web browser.
    2. Click on “Academic’ on the top navigation bar on the MyUCDavis Login page
    3. Click on “Registering for Classes”.
    4. The UC Davis CAS page will appear. You visit the UC Davis page directly at to log in.
    5. Enter your UC Davis Login ID.
    6. Enter your Kerberos passphrase.
    7. Click on “LOGIN” to access the Schedule Builder website.

After logging in you can now use your Schedule Builder.

How to Use the UC Davis Schedule Builder

Once you have logged in to UC Davis Schedule Builder, you can use it. On the Schedule Builder website, you can use it to:

Check out important dates and deadlines on the UC Davis Academic Calendar by selecting Fall 2023 for the academic term.

Create a new schedule, Name the Schedule and Add classes:

  1. Click on “Create New Schedule”.
  2. Proceed and Name the Schedule.
  3. Use the Add/Search course button to find your classes. At the Add/Search icon, click on “show advanced options” to make it more comfortable to find courses that are open and available for you to take.
  4. Now based on the time slots that you want, go on and save the course. Save your preferred class times to your schedule. Saving is not the same as registering. Use the calendar view to get an idea of what each day will look like throughout the week. Click on view at the top right, then click on the calendar view.
  5. Register for Classes. Once you click on registration, check to see that you are registered for the chosen course. Ensure that you register for a minimum of 12 units for Financial aid and Student Housing – Full-Time status.

Swap – If you need to take another class instead of one of the classes you have already registered for.

Drop – Remove a course you’re already registered for.

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