Boston College Admission 2023-2024

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Boston College Admission 2023-2024

Boston College Admission 2023-2024: Boston College Application

Boston College remains one Catholic university in the US that nurtures students to become holistically equipped and ready to address society’s pressing needs. As one of the best with a 26% acceptance rate, Boston College encourages you to work on yourself inwardly to come out perfectly. At Boston College, you are continually urged to take advantage of the many reflection opportunities around you and translate your growth into contributions geared towards the betterment of the world. At Boston College, applicants are guaranteed fairness in their application proceedings. Start your application now to become part of this disciplined and amazing family. See below for all details required to have a successful application.


Application Requirements for Boston College Admission

  • Common Application

Boston College requires that all candidates submit their Common Application electronically.


  • Boston College Writing Supplement

All applicants, except for Human-Centered Engineering major applicants, are free to choose any of the writing supplement topics for the 2022-2023 application cycle (400-word limit) below:

  1. Students at Boston College are encouraged to consider critical questions as they pursue lives of meaning and purpose. What is a question that matters to you and how do you hope Boston College will help you answer it?
  2. In 2020, we faced a national reckoning on racial injustice in America – a reckoning that continues today. Discuss how this has affected you, what you have learned, or how you have been inspired to be a change agent around this important issue.
  3. At Boston College, we hope to draw on the Jesuit tradition of finding conversation partners to discuss issues and problems facing society. Who is your favorite conversation partner? What do you discuss with that person?
  4. Socrates stated that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” Discuss a time when reflection, prayer, or introspection led to clarity or understanding of an issue that is important to you.
  5. Each year at University Convocation, the incoming class engages in reflective dialogue around a common text. What book would you recommend for your class to read and explore together – and why?

For only Human-Centered Engineering major applicants:

  1. One goal of a Jesuit education is to prepare students to serve the Common Good. Human-Centered Engineering at Boston College integrates technical knowledge, creativity, and a humanistic perspective to address societal challenges and opportunities. What societal problems are important to you and how will you use your HCE education to solve them?


  • Standardized Testing

Both SAT and ACT scores may be submitted for an absolute review.

Kindly note that official standardized test results must be submitted directly from the testing agency to Boston College (SAT Code: 3083 and ACT Code: 1788). Inform your high school guidance counselor to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at Boston College if the transfer may be a problem.


  • High School Transcript

Five main subjects are highly regarded by the Admissions Board at Boston College: English, Math, Natural Science, Social Science, and Foreign Language. Having this ensures the possibility of a variety of programs, which are considered in the application review. Only high/secondary school transcripts are required. Your high school is expected to send the transcript followed by submission online during your common application process.


  • Supporting Materials
  1. The School Report and Counselor Recommendation Form
  2. Teacher Evaluations
  3. Mid-Year Grade Report (Regular Decision and Early Decision deferred candidates)


  • Application Fee

The application fee of $80 or application fee waiver request must be submitted during the Common Application, for review.


  • Optional Credentials

You may present all materials relating to your artistic skills, to enhance your Common Application or the QuestBridge Application.


  • English Proficiency

TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test examination results must be submitted by all international applicants to prove their proficiency.


Placing an Application for Admission at Boston College

Admission comes in 7 forms at Boston College, which include:

  • Early Decision
  • Regular Decision
  • Transfer Students
  • International Applicants
  • Questbridge Applicants
  • Homeschooled Applicants
  • Veteran and ROTC Applicants


Early Decision Application

This form of admission is highly recommended to students who have Boston College as their first choice. It is expected of Early applicants to submit equally exceptional academic and extracurricular as Boston College students. Early decision is in two categories:

  • Early Decision 1
  • Early Decision 2

Both choices are binding. You are advised to redraw all other applications as soon as your admission is guaranteed at Boston College, following your submission of an Enrollment Confirmation Fee within 10 days of the admission offer. The sole difference between Early Decision I and II is the application deadline. You must submit your application by November 1 for Early Decision I, and you’ll find out our choice by December 15. You must submit your application by January 3 for Early Decision II, and you’ll find out our choice by February 15. You are not allowed to apply to other binding Early Decision programs because of the binding nature of Early Decision. You are allowed to apply to early action programs without limitations at other universities. As an Early Decision applicant, you must also complete and submit the Common Application Early Decision Agreement form in addition to the Common Application and other credentials. You, your parent or legal guardian, and your school counselor will all sign this.


Regular Decision Application

This option is mostly utilized by applicants. Students who do not have any college for the first choice at the application period, or those who because of reasons like financial aid, and multiple admission offers may use the Regular Decision form for application. Unlike the Early Decision, the Regular Decision is a non-binding admission process. Admission decisions are released latest by April 1 while you will have until May 1 to confirm your acceptance into Boston College.

Regular Decision applicants must apply by the priority scholarship deadline of November 1 to be eligible for the full-tuition, merit-based award through the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program. There is no need for a separate application. By February 1, finalists will be informed of their standing and receive a formal admissions offer. By April 1, all other Regular Decision candidates will learn whether they have been admitted. You can change your application to Early Decision II if you submit your Regular Decision application early but later determine Boston College is your top choice of college. To make this request, please get in touch with the admissions office before January 4. The signed Common Application Early Decision Agreement form must then be submitted.


Transfer Students

Boston College community has room for transfer students, too. BC refers to a transfer student as one who has at least completed nine credit courses and decides to move to another institution before the deadline for application is due. The Admissions Committee will review all applications singly and thoroughly, taking into deep consideration, your academic records and extracurricular activities.


International Applicants

Out of 9,445 undergraduates of Boston College currently, 1725 are international students, thus creating a diverse-coping environment. Any student who is neither a permanent resident nor citizen of the US is regarded as an international student.


QuestBridge Application

Boston College partners with QuestBridge, a highly respected nonprofit program that helps high-achieving, impoverished students gain admission and scholarships to the country’s top-ranked colleges and universities. The portal opens in late summer prior to a student’s senior year of high school. Applicants may use this application method.


Homeschooled Applicants

Homeschooled Students must submit the following requirements to aid their admission process.

  • Academic Transcript
  • Standardized Testing
  • Recommendations
  • Final Transcript OR Proof of High School Equivalency


Veteran and ROTC Applicants

Boston College entreats veterans and folks considering a career in the armed forces to apply.


Boston College Financial Aid Application
  • Apply to Boston College
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Complete the CSS Profile
  • Submit Signed Copies of 2021 U.S. Federal or Foreign Tax Returns
  • Submit 2021 Business Tax Returns (if only applicable)
  • Provide Noncustodial Parent Financial Information (if only applicable)

Boston College is now accepting applications for the 2023–2024 school year. You cannot afford to blow this opportunity.

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